Thursday, April 21, 2016

Well, that looks like a nice cake

By Conrad

We are having a lot of fun right now. Mom and Dad too. They don't have to do as much work because we did not have to ice Perry ourselves! I bet you're wondering what 'icing Perry' means. Yesterday and the day before that, we were filling in pockmarks on our boat. Those pockmarks were caused from water seeping through the fiberglass, which made blisters in the fiberglass. We had to break open the blisters, which left holes.

Just after we were hauled out of the water, we started sandblasting the boat to get the layers of paint off and then discovered the blisters.

That is what we did yesterday and the day before that: fill the holes. The name of the post? The mixture that the filling people used looks like chocolate frosting. The chocolate frosting is an epoxy based liquid mixed with low-density filling powder.

Back to what's going on. Today we are fairing them. Then we have to repeat the process in case we missed anything and then we have more work to do. The one that I cannot wait for is the Coppercoat. I have no idea what it is, but that is why I want to find out. I know that it has something to do with paint.

Perry the cake looked nice but he is sanded down now (sad face). Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures. But anyways, have cake for dessert, but don't have an extremely hard, fiberglass boat cake with epoxy based frosting filling.

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  1. Glad you wrote this blog because now I have a better idea of all the work you've been doing to get Perry ready to go back in the water.