Monday, April 18, 2016

Stuff that puffs

By Conrad

Yesterday, we had some fun with 'stuff that puffs.' That's what I call it anyways. But it is actually expanding foam, and we used it on the keel. We had to fill in the keel because it had a little cavity in it.
Working on keel number one.

One keel went fine. The other one, on the other hand, was already filled in and we decided to put in a bit more. Dad only put in a little bit. It was only a little bit overflowed (that means it made a huge mess).

So anyways we filled the hull with a little (big) mess and it was very interesting.

You can take half an inch of the liquid and it will go up to four to five inches.
Puffed up 'stuff that puffs.'

Stuff that puffs expands out a lot.

The stuff that puffs is very cool! I had a lot of fun watching it puff up. The stuff that puffs has puffed. Try to say that three times fast.


  1. You're right that is a hard sentence to repeatedly say very fast.
    Your stuff that puffs is like when you make bread with yeast on a hot day and let it sit too just puffs up and up and up.

  2. One boater friend we know was growing sour dough yeast in the pantry in the tropics and it got so big it overflowed from the cabinet.