Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sand castles in the wind

We built sandcastles today while Dad went to the store. It was very windy by the shore even though inland it was not.

Mark: I worked hard on my kingdom. I made a bunch of flags too. The crab shell is the drawbridge and there are shells for walls. The shell wall is by the crab shell. I like the 2 crab claws. They are automated. They are defenses for the kingdom. I like my kingdom a lot. It was fun making my kingdom but I had to hurry.

Conrad: I got the idea for making the stone wall and the big kingdom from the Great Wall of China. There are two drawbridges. One is not showing though. There is an arch at the front of the castle where the first drawbridge that I made was. I made the moat deep. I tried to dig to water but I couldn't so I just had to leave it deep. I still liked it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Many Faces of Red Brook Pond Trail


We learned about optical illusions today. As we were approaching the pond and nearby cranberry bog, we all thought we saw a small stream and waterfall. When we got to the clearing, there was no waterfall. When we went back up the trail to figure out what we saw, we realized that the moat surrounding the cranberry bog and the trickle of water coming out of a pipe made it look like a waterfall. Later, we looked up optical illusions.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Painting rocks and shells

Conrad: I tried to make mine like a little mouse. It turned out to look more like a dog though, to me. Mine is the one on the left that has a brown body and big eyes.

Mark: Mine turned out to be a lion. Mine is on the right. It has a blue nose. To me it's really cute. At first, I tried to make it a mouse.

Conrad: I found this shell on the beach and I figured it would look good painted because of the ridges. I had it as part of my shell collection and then painted it.

Mark: Mine is the one in the middle in this picture. Before, my Mom's was in the middle. My lion probably will look cute to you. I have 2 painted rocks at the bottom that look kind of cool.

Conrad: We painted these rocks and shell because it was raining and it was something fun to do inside. The rock that I painted, on the left side right below my mouse, looks like a cookie.