Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Many Faces of Red Brook Pond Trail


We learned about optical illusions today. As we were approaching the pond and nearby cranberry bog, we all thought we saw a small stream and waterfall. When we got to the clearing, there was no waterfall. When we went back up the trail to figure out what we saw, we realized that the moat surrounding the cranberry bog and the trickle of water coming out of a pipe made it look like a waterfall. Later, we looked up optical illusions.


  1. Hi guys!

    You are good actors! You look very sad and very scared. I don't know why you were scared of a leaf, but maybe it was poison ivy?

    I liked looking at your painted rocks. Do you still have them?

    I also liked your amazing castles, even if it was windy. Maybe the wind was trying to break down the castle walls and rescue the princess. Maybe there wasn't a princess and I just made her up!

    Keep sharing your pictures and fun!

  2. Thanks! We were pretending to be scared of the leaf. We have the rocks. There was no princess, only boys. I remember you commented on the elephant poop picture.


    1. Yes, I did talk about the elephant poop! I am a friend of your mom's, and I have a boy who is just a little bit older than you, Conrad. He would love to come dig in the sand with you. He would also like to play in the ocean. He might like living on a boat, but I'm not sure. I will show him your pictures and ask him what he thinks!

  3. I would like to play with your son and show him my room on the boat. Conrad