Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Painting rocks and shells

Conrad: I tried to make mine like a little mouse. It turned out to look more like a dog though, to me. Mine is the one on the left that has a brown body and big eyes.

Mark: Mine turned out to be a lion. Mine is on the right. It has a blue nose. To me it's really cute. At first, I tried to make it a mouse.

Conrad: I found this shell on the beach and I figured it would look good painted because of the ridges. I had it as part of my shell collection and then painted it.

Mark: Mine is the one in the middle in this picture. Before, my Mom's was in the middle. My lion probably will look cute to you. I have 2 painted rocks at the bottom that look kind of cool.

Conrad: We painted these rocks and shell because it was raining and it was something fun to do inside. The rock that I painted, on the left side right below my mouse, looks like a cookie.


  1. Hi Conrad and Mark,
    I really like all your painted rocks. Conrad, I think yours really looks like a mouse not a dog and Mark your lion is really cute. Is that gold glitter on all their tails? Where did you get such big looking eyes?
    It was so nice seeing both of you at Cape Cod and it was hard to leave you. Keep up all your good work learning all about sea life.

  2. Thanks, Nana. There is no glitter on the tails. The felt is just shiny. We listened to Carnival of the Animals today and really liked it. It was good to see you too!

    Conrad and Mark