Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whose creation? There are always games too!

Today for school we are making up our own food monsters.
My monster is called a Strawberry ant. Here is a description  of it. Size: 6 feet long, 3 feet tall. Where to look for them: The great tree of food, the biggest tree in food land. Pets: Straw berry ant minis are good pets and are fun. History: I bred a live strawberry and an ant. How to find the great tree of food: Once you are in the jungle it is easy to find. It is the biggest tree in the jungle.

Minecraft is a computer game. It is all cubes and there's creative and survival mode. I always make my houses tree houses or in a clearing because in the shade it's always a little scary.
Angry birds go is (as you would probably expect by the name) a racing game. All the games that I have and  my creations are fun!