Sunday, April 24, 2016

A field trip to the Rotoiti navy ship

By Conrad

Yesterday we went to the Rotoiti New Zealand Navy ship! It was so cool!

We waited for a while, and then finally got on the ship.
The Rotoiti navy ship

As soon as we got on the ship, Mark asked "Where are the machine guns? I don't see any guns." But then he saw a locker that said DANGER EXPLOSIVES and was very satisfied.

We waited a few minutes more to get inside and we made it to the bridge of the ship. There were lots of buttons, levers, and high tech stuff that I did not touch. If I did, I'd send the ship out to sea at twenty knots firing the machine guns. I did not want that happening.

Then we saw the machine guns. I was very nervous, I do not like guns but we took pictures of me and Mark 'firing' the gun. It was a 50-caliber machine gun.
Mark and I fighting over the gun
Mark 'firing' the gun
Then we headed to the back of the ship and saw the humongous dinghies for the navy, and they made our new dinghy look puny. Soon we headed off the boat. Mark liked the guns, and he said that was one of the only good things on the ship. We went back to the boat and wrote about the boat and had lunch. In fact most of this is from my diary. It was really fun!
Our new dinghy

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  1. Maybe your new dinghy isn't as big as the navy's but it still looks very nice!
    When Mark had his hands on the machine gun I think I would have run and hidden.