Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fiji is fun

We dressed up as demigods for Halloween
By Conrad

Sorry, I was too lazy to write a blog post. I skipped a set of islands called Tonga. We arrived in a town called Savu Savu after a sail. There was a cruisers net, but I liked this net, which is not like me. I liked the net because the net host, Curly, went "GGGOOODDD MMOORRNNIIGG SSAVVUU SAVU!" before the net. He also did world news. Then we left for a set of island called the Exploring isles, which is in Fiji. We got inside the Exploring isles waters and went to an island called Vanua Baluva. There were huge fruit bats that were all over the place. Let's skip ahead a few islands and I'll tell you about the cool ones. We went to a place called Namena island. There was a landing and snorkeling fee, but it was worth it. The first pass we went to had a lot of healthy coral, and very clear water. The second pass had clear water, some coral, but there were hundreds of tiny bright fish, big fish, and sharks too! We had Halloween at Namena with Amelie IV. Mark and I dressed up as demigods from Camp Half-Blood from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson.

I don't know how long until we leave for New Zealand, but it might be a while. Now here's an interesting part. Right now we are in Saweni bay. So, yesterday I went to a town called Lautoka. It took an hour and a half, because we went through another town called Nadi instead of going straight to Lautoka. Mom told us to bring pizza and water, but we only brought water. That was a mistake. We left at 10 a.m. and came back at 1:30 p.m.


  1. So glad you finally wrote a blog because I love to hear what you say about all your latest adventures. You have been going to so many new islands with names unfamiliar to me. I'm spending a lot of time googling them and checking them out on a map. Are you able to remember all the names of the places you've been?
    I saw the pictures of you snorkeling at Namena and I was amazed how clear the water was and how healthy the coral looked....I liked that pink coral. What kind of sharks did you see.
    By the way, you look like you've grown a lot...maybe I won't recognize you when I get to see you.
    Halloween was not very nice here because it rained all day and nobody came to our door trick or treating so we had lots of candy left over. I wish you had been here to help eat it up.

  2. We saw white tip reef sharks. I wish we could help eat the candy too!