Monday, April 11, 2016

Chicago is cool (I mean both ways)

By Conrad

Mark and I were going to Chicago! We very quickly packed our bags and then turned on hyper mode. Hyper mode means trouble. Mark and I got into the car (still very hyper) and that did not go well with the four hour drive to Auckland, NZ. Then before the airport, we went to One Tree Hill and fell down the hill. Finally we went to the airport! We went through security and then... we had to wait more.

At least we had the largest type of plane in the world for company at the next gate. I hoped we were flying on it, but we got an itty wee one. Soon enough, it was boarding time and then--goodbye New Zealand. We lifted off. A voice said over the intercom: "You are flying Air New Zealand." I stayed up the whole night because of unlimited movies.

I will skip the connecting flight, because it was utterly boring. So that night we touched down in Chicago (brr) and then said hi to everybody and went to a Chinese restaurant (I love them because they serve all the soup in the world) for dinner. Then we went to bed in the bunk bed that our grandparents got for us and slept in late the next morning due to jet lag.

The day went by quickly and then in the afternoon I got to play with Nolan, an old friend. Then we went to one of my favorite restaurants called Sweet Tomatoes with him. Soon we had our first karate class that Nana signed us up for. It was fun, but hard work. Mark was very nervous. Later we went to the Botanic Gardens with Grandma and Grandpa. After that we got a new cactus. My cactus is named Thornsley and Mark's is Prickly, and Grandma's is Flowersly, which was the only flowering cactus in the store.

Soon after that our Uncle Andrew came to see us with his husband, Art, or for us Uncle Art. Together we saw the dyeing of the river before St. Pats day. In the parade we saw the Vienna Wiener mobile! We also went to the Field Museum to see the Terracotta warriors Exhibit and other cool things.

A bit later, we went downtown to see our old house and go to Dinkel's Bakery and get donuts.
We did some more  karate lessons and near the end of our stay I got to sleep over at Nolan's house. We played on the trampoline, played a gross Jelly Belly game, played a game called Pie Face, and did an Easter egg hunt.

Then too soon we had to go. We were back in the boatyard, very sad and bored. But nothing can stay forever and that means we can't stay in Chicago forever. But one day we will be back.

Thornsley in his first large pot.
I was sent this picture of Thornsley shortly after we left Chicago. This is re-potted Thornsley.
Sue from the Field Museum

Finally I got him off! Wait... where did that block come from? 

Does this go higher?

*Whew* So much hard work.
Our class.

Wee! So high!
Me and Nolan. 
Me in my karate gi.

Me and Mark with Dad, Uncle Art, and Uncle Andrew. 

Oooh... the river is oh so green.
An Easter egg hunt for before we left Chicago.

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  1. Loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Any time you want to come back to Chicago we'll be here waiting for you with open arms.