Monday, March 23, 2015

The kids and Isla San Cristobol (The Galapagos)


Isla San Cristobol: The Galapagos is really cool, and we're only to Isla Santa Cruz! When we were coming  into the anchorage, we saw a whale, seventy- nine green sea turtles, six hundred sea tuber worms, one sea lion ( if you didn't count the  ten-million that were in the anchorage. That was just a guess.), and one hundred million blue bioluminescence. (That was also just a guess again.)

Seven  days after we arrived in the Galapagos, we went on a tour. First we went to Punta Pit. There was a hike, and when we got to the beach we noticed that the color of the sand was gold. The sun was very, very hot. We saw a lava lizard, a land iguana nest , a marine iguana nest, a blue-footed-booby, and even a red-footed-booby! Our tour guide said that the red-footed-boobies were very rare, and that we were very lucky that we saw one, and that only ten percent of the tour got to see them. The Galapagos is the best place ever!
After  the hike, we went to Kicker Rock. We jumped into the water and weren't affected by the Humboldt Current (a very cold current that flows through the Galapagos) because of  wetsuits. At Kicker Rock, we saw a turtle eating a jellyfish and a Galapagos shark. A turtle swam against Mark's leg.


  1. Conrad,
    I was so happy to read your very interesting blog; I've been waiting a long time for you to write one. What a lucky boy you are to be in the Galapagos and see all the wonderful wildlife. When we were there we saw the blue footed boonies but never saw the red footed kind. Have you seen an albatross yet?

  2. And seeing a turtle eating a jelly fish is really cool. I wish I was with you seeing all those different animals but I don't think I would like swimming in that cold water. Are you getting to be a really good swimmer now?

  3. Conrad,
    It feels like I am there with you from your description of the Galapagos Islands. The sea turtles and water life is really awsome. Have you seen lonesome George the Galapogos tortoise?

  4. Nana--Yeah, seeing the turtle eating the jellyfish was really cool and the water wasn't very cold because we had wetsuits. No, we have not seen an albatross yet. Uncle Andrew--Lonesome George died a couple of years ago so I did not see him but we saw lots of other tortoises. There were dome backs and saddlebacks.