Monday, February 23, 2015

Grasshopper big, grasshopper small: grasshopper big

By Conrad:

The other day we found two grasshoppers about four or five inches long, and that could jump one foot high. Pea Soup (some friends of ours) had the grasshoppers on their boat first, and then we came over and caught the grasshoppers and put them on our boat. The first grasshopper we caught was very easy to get into the net, but the second one: we got the grasshopper into the net, it got scared, and jumped into the water so Mom had to get into the dinghy and re catch the grasshopper before it drowned. When we got back to the boat we showed Dad the grasshoppers (he didn't come). After that Dad let the grasshopper that fell into the water out of the net, (the other one was in a cage) took a picture of it and the grasshopper got scared again, and jumped into the water again.

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