Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The kids and Isla Santa Cruz (The Galapagos)

Pelican customers: Gimme some fishies
Conrad: The next island we visited was Isla Santa Cruz and we had lots of fun.  On the first day we got to Santa Cruz, we saw people cleaning some fish and frigate birds were flying and fighting over the heads of the people. One frigate bird grabbed a whole fish out of a guy's hands and dropped it into the water. There were some pelican customers, but they weren't fighting.

Las Grietas, the mini canyon 
There also was a place called Las Grietas. It is a brackish water (fresh and  salt water  that got mixed together) filled crack in between two cliffs, like a little canyon. The marine iguanas really needed to come (they only eat algae), because  I slid down the rocks  and couldn't get back up. There were some big parrot fish, and some other ones that I didn't know.

There was also a big beach named Tortuga beach. It had twelve foot tall waves, and, very good surfing. On that day, I learned how to surf standing up. The walk to the beach was very long but worth it.

Me and some marine iguanas at Tortuga Beach
When we were at the beach, we saw marine iguanas swimming in the water and  crawling on land. Marine iguanas eat salty seaweed, and need to get rid of the salt. Here is how they get rid of salt:  The marine iguanas sneeze out a mixture of a salty liquid, and snot. We call it snalt.   
Also at Tortuga beach there were little black tip sharks, and we thought that the little black tips were the only things around. That is, until we saw a foot tall shark fin which, if the fin was a foot tall, the shark must have been seven feet long. On the night before, we bought a yellow fin tuna. Dad cleaned it and tied the carcass to the back of the boat hoping to see a shark. About a half an hour later, a shark came. It was big. Eight feet long at least. It grabbed the fish, the sharks' teeth sawed through the rope, and it then had a decent dinner.

Tortoise make loud groans while mating
The day after we went to Tortuga Beach, we went to a tortoise breeding center. We saw the breeding in action! A male tortoise was on top of the female, or the other way around.

We also saw land iguanas at the breeding center.

There is also a place called the Lava tunnels. The tunnels are very interesting. In the tunnels it is very wet, and there is almost a mist in the tunnels! It was like being in air conditioning. We also saw fool's gold in a crevice in the ceiling.                                                                   
The Galapagos is the coolest place ever!


  1. Granma and GrandpaApril 3, 2015 at 8:37 AM

    Hi Conrad,
    Great job! We love your stories about exotic animals and of your new experiences.

  2. Conrad, I was thrilled to find another long and interesting blog so soon after your last one.
    I only wish I was with you so we could talk about all the interesting things you've been seeing such as what kind of shark do you think it was that came and ate the carcass of the yellow fin tuna. Also when we went to see the tortoises they were trying to mate also and they certainly make strange noises. The male we saw not only didn't know a female from a male but was trying to mate on the head of the other tortoise.
    Glad to hear you were able to stand up surfing....that's a lot of fun isn't it?
    Is there an Easter bunny in the Galapagos?
    I wish you were here so we could color some eggs.