Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fiji is fun (again!)

By Conrad

After New Zealand, we headed out to Fiji to help with the destruction caused by the hurricane Winston with a group called Sea Mercy. It was a lot of fun to help, but I was sad because so many people's homes had been destroyed.

I helped build a pig fence for a garden and a rowboat for the fishermen to use. It was fun working, but it was tiring. Still, that didn't stop Mark and me from bickering our heads off.

I polished my nautilus shell with mineral oil
These are the peppers that we used for the hot sauce
Then, after a while, we could not help more, so we headed over to Savusavu. That is where we are right now. We made hot sauce, too. It is very spicy. When we were helping with Sea Mercy, we found some Nautilus shells. Dad found two, and then the next day, I went looking for some, and I found one. Now we are heading down to south Fiji.


  1. I was so proud of you upon hearing how you helped the islanders that had been hit by that hurricane.
    Also, that's a beautiful nautilus shell you have. I hope you can keep it. You must be good at finding things. Remember the baby horseshoe crab shells you found when we were on Cape Cod?

  2. Thanks for the comment about the nautilus shell. Yes, I remember the baby horseshoe crab shells we found on Cape Cod.

  3. Earlier I tried to post my comments to your blog with my phone but it was not saved. Your hot sauce is exciting. Maybe you should bottle it and send it to New Orleans. We can always use some spice down here!!