Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Moorea, Tahiti, Huahine, and Bora Bora (The Society islands)

Snorkeling in Bora Bora

We are in the Society archipelago right now.  When we got to the set of islands we first went to an island called Moorea. We anchored in a bay called Cook's bay. Cook's bay is not the nicest anchorage because there is a lot of trash in the water. Mark and I spent about 30 minutes fishing  trash out of the water. Then we went to Papeete, in Tahiti. Papeete is not the nicest town, but the anchorage is okay, and there is a beach. There is a store called the Carrefour, a big store with lots of things in it. Then we went back to Moorea. This time we went to a bay called Baie D'Opunohu. The next morning we went to  a place that I call stingray city. At first I was afraid to go near the stingrays, but when we came next time, I was not as scared, but I would not feed the stingrays. Marks finger was in a stingrays mouth twice, and a stingray bumped into Mark while he was trying to feed it. We went to the coral gardens and feed the fish in Bora Bora. One bit my finger. Then we were going to go snorkeling, but there was not much to see, but we did see a crown-of-thorns starfish.

A stingray bumped into Mark while he was trying to feed it
Then we went to a place called Huahine. We found a tree and climbed into it. We had a nut war with our friend, Finn. Then I went windsurfing and later we played king of the board. We had lots of fun at those 4 islands!

Crown-of-thorns starfish

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  1. I really liked your blog about the Society Islands and especially liked the pictures you added. Do you know why they're called the Society Islands?
    There were so many fish in the pictures I had a hard time seeing you. I bet the fish were trying to nibble on your fingers.
    When you were swimming with the stingrays, did you finally try feeding them. When they take a piece of food from you it feels like a suction cup. Did you pet them? Their bottom side is so smooth.
    Are you keeping a log of all the different fish you've seen? And are you able to identify most of them?
    I'm glad you and Mark picked up so much trash in Papaete so that the waters are a little cleaner. When I used to walk on the beaches in Hatteras, Chance would run and find old plastic soda and water bottles and he would pick them up and bring them to me so I could put them in a big bag to then recycle them. He had lots of fun doing that.
    You said you were windsurfing...are you getting better at doing it? Let me know what you can do. Does Mark try doing it also?
    I know you're on your way to Palmerston atoll so when you get there, please post another blog and tell me all about it. I've never been there.
    I wish I was with you.