Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Magnum bars--some good ice cream

By Conrad
Magnum ice cream bars are very popular throughout the South Pacific. There are a lot of flavors: peppermint, double ego caramel, of course the original, salted caramel, and a lot of others.

My favorite type of bar is called 'Americana Chocolate Cookie Crumble' with a white chocolate outside and chocolate ice cream inside.

My goal right now is to try every flavor of Magnum bar, but I just can't bring myself to try cappuccino, even though I like the taste of coffee. I guess it could taste different in ice cream.
I made a whole Magnum bar section in my scrap book.

The other day, I just tried one that is called 'chocolate toffee.'

Yummy yummy, Magnum bars in my tummy.

Magnum bars.


  1. Can you get Magnum bars in the U.S.?

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