Friday, February 21, 2014

New pets - land hermit crabs

Mark's hermit crab
Mark: This is my hermit crab. Her name is Crab Claw. I found her on a tree at Black Point. We know she is a female because there are two black dots with holes on her underside.

Conrad's hermit crab
Conrad: I found my hermit crab in the bushes when I was heading back to the dinghy dock. We don't know the gender yet. My hermit crab's name is Hermity. I'm still working on my crabitat. I found a water bowl and a food place for him.


  1. Mark, I really like the name you gave your hermit crab. Ask your father to tell you about the time he and Andrew collected a lot of hermit crabs and put them somewhere secure but somehow they got out and started to walk all over the room.
    Conrad, your hermit crab has a really pretty shell. Did you figure out what gender it is yet?

    1. Dad told us the story and we thought it was funny. We don't know what gender Conrad's crab is yet. We are trying to let it get used to its crabitat before we start picking it up a lot.

    2. Are you going to find a few more hermit crabs so they have some friends?