Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Name Harbor to Bimini

At Bill Baggs State Park, the raccoons seem to have forgotten that they are nocturnal. It may be because people feed them during the day. We climbed the lighthouse and played at the beach. We stayed in "No Name" Harbor.

The next day on our trip to Bimini, in the Bahamas, we caught a barracuda. Here's what Conrad writes:
We caught a big barracuda when we were on our way to the Bahamas. We didn't mean to catch it. We had fun. When my Dad tried to get the hook out of its mouth, we saw its sharp teeth. We used a squid lure to catch the barracuda. Its teeth were like sharp needles to cut through fish. The barracuda wasn't happy when we caught it. I backed away when it swung side-to-side. Finally my Dad got the hook out of its mouth. Before he threw it back, we took a picture of it and then we threw it back.

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